I strongly believe that child birth education is for everyone, despite age, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital or economic status. I happily support all people in the pathway to parenthood, adoption and surrogacy. I also understand the intricacies of military families and know that sometimes one parent might not be present for the pregnancy, birth and/or post-partum period.


In my collateral, curriculum and website I will use the term "birthing mother" to refer to the person giving birth and the term “partner” to refer to a co-parent. I acknowledge many people and families may not fit these terms so please let me know if you would prefer me to use other terms in my interaction with you. Everyone’s birth journey is different and I am honored to be a part of it!


Thank you for sharing your extensive knowledge of pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum care with us in such an open and supportive way. We really appreciated your friendly, casual approach. It really felt like you just wanted what was best for us in a down to earth way based on your knowledge and experience. We truly learned a great deal from you and feel as ready as we will ever be to have this baby!  

 - Matthias and Emily, April 2020



My partner and I took Caitlin's child birth education class series to prepare for the birth of our son. It was our first baby so we wanted to be prepared. Caitlin's class was so well organized, thorough and well researched. She uses data and evidence to show parents all their options. There is not an agenda or point of view, she just wants everyone to have the info they need to make the best choice for them. We loved learning about prenatal nutrition and practicing birth positions. We also liked watching birth videos that Caitlin shows in class. It was nice to meet other parents and have a reunion after all the babies were born. We felt so prepared and were so thankful we took the class!

 - Allie E. Fall 2018



My husband and I are so grateful to have had Caitlin Hutcheon as our doula for our daughter's birth.  We met with her for several prenatal appointments and she helped us to articulate and write out our plan for our natural birth.  She also showed us different positions and comfort measures for labor that were invaluable for us during the birth.  We took an evidence based birth class and watched several videos at Caitlin's recommendation.  We felt extremely prepared afterwards and went into our big day with confidence.

On the day of my daughter's birth, Caitlin coached me through contractions along with my husband, offering breathing methods, calming music, massage techniques, essential oils, and words of encouragement.  I felt like I was in control from start to finish and Caitlin's reassuring presence helped to facilitate that feeling.  She maintained a professional and friendly attitude throughout the birth.  We noted afterwards that it was wonderful to have a great cheerleader in the room with us the whole time.  I was able to achieve my desired natural birth and I owe that to Caitlin and the rest of my wonderful care team.  -Erin, August 2017

My husband and I were planning a home birth for the arrival of our little one this past Fall 2016. We felt very educated and supported - having taken a birth class, and having two very experienced midwifes caring for us. Although we didn't think it was necessary, we explored cost and option of hiring a doula on the strong recommendation of our birth educator. The minute Caitlin answered the phone, I could feel her warmth and gentle presence putting me at ease. She was very open about her work experience, pricing, and explaining how the process works. She was diligent in checking in  me during my prenatal period, familiarizing herself with my birth team. Scheduling in person meetings with us to review our birth plan. Come the day of my birth (I was induced) she came early to assist in the initial stages of induction, which was emotionalky draining for me as I had wanted a home birth. She brought snacks, kept me hydrated, and gave me a massage for hours without stopping. My husband insists that Caitlin is the best money ever spent. I encourage every mama to invest in a doula - there is no way you could possibly regret it. 

- Sarah, November 2016


We had a wonderful experience with Caitlin!  She was very responsive to our questions and was easily accessible through phone and email. She was consistently ontime to our prenatal appointments and made it to the delivery of our son despite his quick arrival!  She was also very moderate in her approach to things and didn't make me feel like there was only one way of doing things.  I was hesitant to have a doula because I considered it more "crunchy" than my usual approach to life but I am so glad we chose to have one as she supported us to have confidence.  Her information and resources gave me confidence that I could have the baby naturally if I wanted to and her demonstration of counter pressure techniques made my husband feel like there were tasks he could do to support me during labor. She asked good questions that helped my husband and I get on the same page about stuff we didn't even know we weren't on the same page about!  During my delivery, I really wanted to be on all fours and the hospital staff wanted me to reposition.  Caitlin helped me by asking if it was possible for me to be squatting if I couldn't be on all fours and we were able to have a squat bar put in the bed.  She had a gentle but firm and respectul approach with all of the staff and with us.  I so appreciate her calm presence and willingness to do whatever we needed to have the best birth experience we could.  I would recommend her to friends or family as she supported all of our "birth wishes" and, through information and quality time with us before the delivery, showed us what our options were.  Thanks Caitlin!


- Shaunna, October 2016

Caitlin helped us immensely to calm nerves, educate us, and help bring Henry into the world!  Caitlin was a great listener, compassionate, & confident in a positive outcome. She went above & beyond my expectations to help inform me & prepare me for a vaginal birth. Caitlin also came to our home to teach my husband techniques (pressure, counter pressure, massage, etc.) to help with my pain management. She interacted with my husband in such a way that he felt like he was a part of the team; not an afterthought. During active labor, she was attentive & encouraging. She maintained eye contact, massaged my hands & feet to distract from pain, but the counter pressure on my hips proved to be the most helpful when the contractions were most intense. She'd ask if I'd like to change positions to best help the baby move down the birth canal. I honestly believe it helped speed labor. We are very happy with her & cannot recommend her enough!

- Hilary, August 2016