About Me

Originally from Baltimore MD, I have moved several times with my husband who is an officer in the Marine Corps. We have lived in Northern Virginia, Joshua Tree, CA, Monterey, CA and have now settled in College Park, MD. I have really loved the chance to see and explore so many different parts of the country and meeting amazing people along the way is the icing on the cake!


My journey as a birth worker began in 2016 when I was trained and certified as a Doula & Birth Activist with toLabor, a national doula training organization. I worked in Monterey, CA as a doula and prenatal yoga teacher before training  to become a child birth educator under Cori Gentry with Birth Chemistry, which is the curriculum I now teach. I have attended over 40 births and taught my class to hundreds of parents over the last five years.  I love being a part of such an exciting time in new parents' journeys and feel so privileged to be included in the process. 


In 2018 I had my first homebirth in Monterey CA; the birth was an incredible experience and our son Harbor was born after a quick 5 hour labor. It was quite transformative to be on the other side of birth and to be so well cared for by our midwives and doula. Recently, we welcomed our daughter, Clementine, in April, 2020 with a new birth team at our home in Maryland. This second birth was even quicker, only 90 minutes! These babies have given me new insight into the birth and postpartum journey and it all has made me an even better educator and resource. 



Continuing Education


As a child birth educator, it is important to me to continually attend trainings and workshops to provide the best and most up-to-date care to my clients. In addition to completing my birth doula training and certification, I have studied Prenatal Yoga under Hannah Muse and learned the art of Bengkung Belly Binding, a very beneficial practice postpartum. I also am very knowledgable about baby wearing, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, and babyled weaning. 


I am looking forward to taking the Birth Monopoly training this summer 2021 and in the fall I will be taking a 6 week Reproductive Identity Formation certification through the Teachers College of Columbia University. 


Currently, I teach Health & Wellness at Georgetown Day School and I am getting my Masters in Health Education at Towson University which includes classes on advocacy, epidemiology, and curriculum development.